10-meter CTCSS/PL Tone Frequencies

During 1980 the ARRL Board of Directors adopted the 10-meter CTCSS/PL tone-controlled squelch frequencies listed below for voluntary incorporation into 10-meter repeater systems to provide a uniform national system.

The purpose of CTCSS/PL is to reduce co-channel interference during band openings. CTCSS/PL equipped repeaters would respond only to signals having the CTCSS tone required for that repeater.  These repeaters would not respond to weak distant signals on their inputs and correspondingly not transmit and repeat to add to the congestion.

Call Area Tone 1 Tone 2
VE 127.3 Hz 88.5 Hz
W1 131.8 Hz 91.5 Hz
W2 136.5 Hz 94.8 Hz
W3 141.3 Hz 97.4 Hz
W4 146.2 Hz 100.0 Hz
W5 151.4 Hz 103.5 Hz
W6 156.7 Hz 107.2 Hz
W7 162.2 Hz 110.9 Hz
W8 167.9 Hz 114.8 Hz
W9 173.8 Hz 118.8 Hz
W0 179.9 Hz 123.0 Hz