Timed Writing #6
3-minute Timed Writing

The timed writing is used for measuring your speed and accuracyConsider the timed writing as an accuracy test, rather than a speed test.  Retype a timed writing as often as desired to obtain your best speed and accuracy.

Preparing yourself
Sit up straight YOUR back against back of chair both feet flat on floor
Ignore anyone and anything around you while typing no talking
Place your full concentration on the text that appears on screen
Keep eyes on the screen as you type not on the keys

Taking the timed writing
Left-click on the Click to Begin button
Left-click on OK in the window reminding you to "left-click in TEXT box to begin"
Left-click into the textbox and begin typing immediately the timer has begun
Do not press ENTER at end of each line text will wrap-around as you type
Double-space between paragraphs press ENTER key twice

Proofreading the timed writing
A STOP window will appear once time has expired click OK once or twice
Click RESULTS button at bottom the Results window appears in left corner
Proofread your typing for errors raise your hand quietly when finished
Your teacher will proofread with you and record your progress on Progress Chart

I have a cat named Hera and a dog named Zeus.  Most of the time, they are very good friends.  Once in a while, however, when Hera sneaks up against Zeus and wants to play, he gets mad and snaps at her.

Hera hisses back, and Zeus jumps up and then chases Hera up a nearby tree.  He generally keeps her up there a long time.  Not too long ago, Zeus would not let Hera come done until supper.

Like people, dogs and cats do not like each other sometimes.  Let's strive to make peace - not war - with everyone.