iPad Basics

When viewing these handouts in Safari on the iPad, tap anywhere on the home screen, and then tap the Open in iBooks button at upper-right to save the PDF handout file onto the book shelf in iBooks.

AirPlay Utilities
AirServer, Doceri, and Reflector software allow the iPad to be mirrored to any laptop within the same wireless network. With a projector connected to a laptop, teachers can utilize apps with students on the screen from anywhere within the classroom.
AirServer - Doceri - Reflector

Assitive Touch
Save on the physical use of the Home button by turning on Assistive Touch.  Assistive Touch is an iOS Accessibility option which may also help students with physical manipulative and coordination techniques.  This option is available on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch running iOS 5.0 and higher.

Create Apple ID using an iPad
Create Apple ID using a Laptop
The Apple ID is an essential component when using Apple devices and iTunes. Free or purchased apps cannot be downloaded nor updated without an Apple ID. The Apple ID, which consists of a username and password, can be created using any iPad, laptop, or desktop.

Free Books
Free Books provides hand-picked collections of classic books which are read with the built-in e-reader.  Notes, highlights, bookmarks, and dictionary are also supported.  Selected books will be downloaded.

Improve iPhone/iPad Battery Life
The latest iPhones still do not pack as much battery life as some of their nearest competitors.  By applying a few system tweaks, the iPhone battery life can be improved considerably.  Many of these tweaks also apply to iPad running any iOS.  Conserve your mobile power with these 26 tips.

Inspiration Maps
Engage students in active learning with Inspiration Maps. Students build their knowledge by creating diagrams, maps and organizers that help them brainstorm, plan, organize and build thinking skills.  Transform visual work into outlines that export for writing.

Instructional iPad Apps
Apps for each content area and the TLI grant are listed with an iTunes link for previewing or downloading. Special Needs and Learning Differences handout is provided by Common Sense Media.  Over 250 instructional apps are presented.
Language Arts - Math - Science - Social Studies - Special Needs and Learning Differences

iOS - Create iBook PDFs in Safari
Have you ever wanted to save an article for offline or for sharing right from your iPhone or iPad?  This feature utilizes an iBooks capability to turn web pages you browse in Safari into a PDF document that can be emailed or stored for reading later offline.

iOS - Privacy and Security Settings
Before you do anything on your new iPhone or iPad, lock it down. Here are the important tweaks you need to protect your privacy.  Consider these privacy and security steps to lock down your iPhone and iPad.

iPad 101
Over 40 tips and tricks are presented to help get the most out of the iPad tablet. Whether you have a District-issued iPad, a personal iPad, or wanting to purchase an iPad, iPad 101 is an excellent preview and review of bare-bone settings and techniques.

Messages and FaceTime
Use the Message app when sending text messages and use FaceTime when video conferencing between iPads and iPhones. Both apps require Apple ID of each recipient which is first entered into the Contacts app.

Stop Motion - Slow Motion Video
Stop motion refers to an animation technique where objects appear to move on their own. Objects are moved in small increments with a photo taken of each movement.  The result is the illusion of movement.

Slow motion is a video effect where time is slowed down.  Each frame is video recorded at a fast rate. When all the frames are replayed at a normal speed, time appears to be slowed down.

Sync Zimbra Email
Sync the Mail app to Zimbra and up to four other email services if desired. Changing the email signature block from "Sent from my iPad" to Name, Grade/Subject, School name, and email address provides a more professional-looking email.

Whiteboard apps
The iPad functions exceptionally well as a digital whiteboard. Strengths and weaknesses of several interactive apps are reviewed. Most interactive apps allows students to draw, touch, record, color, share via email or Facebook/Twitter, and collaborate.