Lesson 18:  Learning symbolsNumber (#)Dollar ($)Percent (%)Ampersand (&)

Symbols are best learned when associated with the corresponding home row finger.  Read the paragraph Finger Positions to avoid retyping due to incorrect fingerings for each symbol.  Keep F and J fingers on keys — rotate the hand for each symbol.

No more than 3 errors per line.  Retype the line if more than 3 errors occur.  Observing your typing errors by you and your teacher is an important step toward learning to type and improving accuracy.  Typing errors cannot be corrected using the backspace, delete, or arrow keys.

Finger Positions
Number (#)  typed with D finger + Right Shift and 3 - practice typing  de3# de3# d# d# d# # #
When # is used before a number, # means "number" such as "#1, #2"
When # is used after a number, # means "pound" such as "5# coffee"
When # is used before specific word/phrase, # means "hashtag" as used in SMS communications

Dollar ($)  typed with F finger + Right Shift and 4 - practice typing  fr4$ fr4$ f4$ f4$ f4$ f$ f$ $

Percent (%)  typed F finger + Right Shift and 5 - practice typing  fr5% fr5% f5% f5% f% f%

Ampersand (&)  typed with J finger + Left Shift and 7 - practice typing  ju7& ju7& ju& ju& j& &
The & symbol is a shortcut for "and" - can be used in texting but not word processing

Practice Lesson 18 Number(#)Dollar($)Percent(%)Ampersand(&)
Line numbers are now typed Place 2 SPACES after a period following a bulleted number for readability.  Press ENTER at end of each line.  Do not correct errors.

 1.  de3 de3# de3# d3# d#d fr4 fr4$ fr4$ f$f ft5 ft5% ft5% f%f%   
 2.  #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 6# 7# 8# 9# $10 $11 $12 $13 $14 15% 16% 17%
 3.  Catalog item #56 weighs 38#, but text Tom at #tommywright.
 4.  The latest round-trip rates were $129, $299, and $1389.70.
 5.  Test results showed Anita scored 92%, but Josh scored 83%.
 6.  Item #1209 sold for $68.49 but is now $358.75 for Feb. 14.

Ampersand is not used when writing & typing research papers.
Businesses use & in their name such as Wills & Sons Roofing.
 9.  Ordering 15 items online is easier than driving 20 miles to a store.
In 2014, 500MB for 100% data usage in Austria costs $4.70 per month.

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