Lesson 20:  ConcentrationSymbols (1) - (200)

This lesson is not typed for perfect practice but focuses on concentration practice as symbols and numbers are typed.

When an error is made - space once - retype that symbol and number - continue typing symbols and numbers sequentially.  Proofread as you type.  Any number omitted results in retyping the entire sequence beginning at number (1).

Typing errors cannot be corrected using the backspace, delete, or arrow keys.

Symbol and Number Accuracy Procedure
Type from (1) to (200) without looking at the number and symbol row
When an error is made
space onceretype symbol & number continue typing
Proofread as you type
Any number omitted results in retyping beginning at number (1)
Place a space between each symbol group.  Example: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) . . . (200)

Practice Lesson 20 Symbol Concentration
Type symbol groups (1) to (200).  If an error is made, space once, retype the symbol and number, and then continue from that number typing numbers sequentially.  Any number/symbol group omitted results in retyping the sequence from the beginning.  Proofread and concentrate while typing.

Have your teacher review this lesson with you when finished.
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