Lesson 22:  AccuracyAlphabet ― Numbers ― Symbols

This lesson will be typed for perfect practice - all lines will be typed without errors.  Read the paragraph Perfect Practice Procedure before typing this lesson.

Typing errors cannot be corrected using the backspace, delete, or arrow keys.

Perfect Practice Procedure
Type for ZERO errors — concentration for accuracy is the goal
When an error is "felt" — left-click on web browser
Refresh symbol and retype lesson
Keep eyes on the monitor screennot on characters in Practice text box

Perfect Practice Lesson 22 Alphabet Numbers Symbols
This lesson is for perfect practice.  All 10 lines will be typed with NO ERRORS.  Incorrect spacing after punctuation also counts as an error.  Start the lesson over when an error is "felt".  Line numbers are typed.

Read from right to left as you type these lines without looking at the keys.

.thgirweimmot# ta moT txet tub ,#83 shgiew 65# meti golataC   .1
.70.983,1$ dna ,352$ ,421$ erew setar pirt-dnuor tsetal ehT
.%38 derocs hsoJ tub ,%29 derocs atinA dewohs stluser stseT
.41 .beF rof 57.853$ won si tub 94.86$ rof dlos 95021# metI
.stnemucod gnipyt & gnitirw rof desu t'nsi )&(dnasrepma ehT
.gnifooR snoS & lliW sa hcus eman rieht ni & esu sessenisuB
!4 si 2*2 ekil ,smelborp evlos pleh *skoobtxet eht ni seluR   .7
!sdaPi (4) dna ,sDVD (3) ,staoc (2) ,siks (1) dedulcni elaS   .8
.(')ehportsopa na gnisu detneserper eb nac teef dna setuniM   .9
!xat sulp "nozama*" @ nozamA morf won skoob 16 gniredro m'I

Have your teacher review this lesson with you when finished.
Then select the next lesson at Keyboarding Main Menu