Lesson 7:  Learning the keysbuLeft-shift key

Read the paragraphs Position Points and Finger Positions.  Practice typing the letters to be learned.  It is okay to look at the keys during this preview time.  Place the mouse pointer into the practice box, left click, and begin typing.  Keep eyes on monitor screen and keyboard chart.

Do not worry about errors as you type.  Observing your typing errors by you and your teacher is an important step toward learning to type and improving accuracy.

Correcting errors with Backspace, left arrow,  or Delete key serves no useful purpose and will hinder your keyboard learning.  Correcting errors with Backspace or Delete key is for word processing - not for learning the keyboard.  Typing errors cannot be corrected using backspace, delete, or arrow keys.

Position Points
Sit up straight with YOUR back against back of chair -- both feet flat on the floor
LEFT index finger on the letter F -- RIGHT index finger on the letter J
Fingers curved with palms raised -- palms are not touching desktop
Eyes on the screen as you type -- not on the keys

Finger Positions
Place left and right hands on the home row keys
Letter B  typed with the F finger - practice typing  f b f b f b f b f b f b f b f b f b f b f b f b f b
Letter U  typed with the J finger - practice typing  j u j u j u j u j u j u j u j u j u j u j u j u j u
Left-shift key  move only the A finger - not the left hand


Use LEFT shift key for RIGHT-hand capitals
Reach down with left little finger
Press left shift key without looking at shift key
Type the letter - release shift key quickly
Move only left little finger - not entire left hand
Practice typing  j J k K l L h H m M n N o O p P

Punctuation Spacing
Always place ONE (1) space after a comma
When the Period ends a sentence - place TWO (2) spaces after the period
When the Period is used after an abbreviation - place ONE (1) space after the period
When the Semi-colon (;) is used within a sentence - place ONE (1) space after the semi-colon

Continue to press the ENTER KEY at the end of each line.  Move only right little finger - not the entire right hand.


Practice Lesson 7 buLeft-shift key
Line numbers are not typed.  Press ENTER at end of each line.  Typing errors cannot be corrected.  Choose to type and complete at least one lesson during each class period.

1  fff fbf fbf bfb fbf fff fbf fbf bfb fbf fbf bag bag rob Bob fvbb.
jjj juj jum umu juj jjj juj juj uju uju jun junm jmnju ujm ujmuj.
Jeb and Ike Hall bought bolts in bulk for the boat, HMS IronMaid.
Mrs. Numblunt named the Middlebrough High Honor Kid, Letti Jacob.
Montgomery sells Jackets, Underwear, and Light Jade dress shirts.
Having One New House With Nice Neighbors Is Much Less Intriguing.
Use One Kar Kare Kit.  Hum with Number One, Jacksonville Jaguars.

Have your teacher review this lesson with you when finished.
Then select the next lesson at Keyboarding Main Menu