CW RST Reporting

It is very common to send RST reports in abbreviated form.  RST 599 can be sent as 5NNN is used in place of the number 9.

Another time saver is using a long T in place of the number 0 as in "POWER HR IS 3TT WATTS".

A number code exists for all numbers with N and T codes most common ones.  CW stations sometimes report zones as A4 or A5 instead of sending 14 or 15.

1 = A 2 = U 3 = V 4 = 4 5 = E
6 = 6  7 = B 8 = D 9 = N 0 = T

Phonetic Alphabet

 A  Alfa

B  Bravo

C  Charlie

D  Delta

E  Echo

F  Foxtrot

G  Golf

H  Hotel

I  India

 J  Juliett

K  Kilo

L  Lima

M  Mike

N  November

O  Oscar

P  Papa

Q  Quebec

R  Romeo

 S  Sierra

T  Tango

U  Uniform

V  Victor

W  Wiskey

X  X-ray

Y  Yankee

Z  Zulu