CW Q Signals


Used as Question

Used as Statement

  QRG  What is my frequency?  Your frequency is ___
  QRH  Does my frequency vary?  Your frequency varies
  QRI  How is tone of my transmission?  Tone is 1 (good) 2 (variable)
 3 (bad)
  QRJ  Are you receiving me badly?
 Are my signals weak?
 I cannot receive you
 I receive you badly
 What is readability of my signal?
 Readability is (1) unreadable to
 (5) perfect
  QRL  Is this frequency in use?  This frequency is in use
  QRM  Are you being interfered with?  I am interfered with
  QRN  Are you troubled by static?  I am being troubled with static
  QRO  Must I increase power?  I increase power
  QRP  Can I decrease power?  I decrease power
  QRQ  Shall I send faster?  Send faster ___ WPM
  QRS  Shall I send slower?  Send slower ___WPM
  QRT  Shall I stop sending?  Stop sending
  QRU  Have you anything for me?  I have nothing for you
  QRV  Are you ready?  I am ready
  QRX  When will you call me again?  I will call you again at ___
  QRZ  Who is calling me?  You are being called by ___
 What is the strength of my signals?
 Strength is (1) barely readable
 to (5) very good
  QSB  Are my signals fading?  Signals are fading
  QSL  Can you acknowledge receipt?  I acknowledge receipt
  QSO  Can you communicate with ___?  I can communicate with ___
  QSP  Will you relay to ___?  I will relay to ___
  QST    Calling all radio amateurs
  QSV  Shall I send a series of V's?  Send a series of V's
  QSX  Will you listen to __ on __ kHz?  I am listening to __ on __ kHz
  QSY  Shall I change frequency?  Change frequency to ___
  QSZ  Shall I send each word twice?  Send each word twice
  QTH  What is your location?  My location is ___
  QTR  What is the time?  The time is ___
    Net Q Signals