Instructional technology webinars are online professional development sessions that can be accessed from home or school.  Session lengths range from 30 to 45 minutes.  Any device (laptop - desktop - tablet) can be used.  Software used is Adobe Connect, but no download or installation is required for login.  Simply click the login URL shown in the session email.

The login URL and login procedures for each webinar are distributed through District-wide emails.  Using the online Professional Development Course Catalog system for pre-registration is optional.  It is probably faster and easier to simply click on the login URL displayed in the email, and then join the webinar session at the designated date and time.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit is always manually posted to the PDS transcript shortly after participation in each online session.  Some of the most popular technology webinars are listed.

Comic Life
Comic Life lets teachers and students create astounding comics, picture albums and more.  The easy-to-use interface integrates seamlessly with your photo collection.  This fun software can easily be used in core content teaching.

iPad Air Play Utilities
AirServer, Doceri, and Reflector software allow the iPad to be mirrored to any laptop within the same wireless network.  Teachers can integrate iPad apps into their instruction with a projector connected to a wireless laptop. The laptop and iPad must be using the same wireless network.

iPad Basics
Part 1 presents useful tips for (1) turning iPad ON/OFF - mute - Home button, (2) performing a hard reset, (3) rearranging apps, (4) adding apps to dock and accessing multi-tasking bar, (5) searching iPad and web, (6) using Airplane mode and WiFi settings, (7) setting Brightness and Volume, and (8) syncing Zimbra email.

Part 2 presents tips for (1) understanding General settings, (2) accessing front/rear camera, (3) taking screen shots, (4) locating photos with Photos app + Camera Roll, (5) using Safari and Chrome browsers, (6) adding PDF files to iBooks, and (7) downloading Atomic Learning app + EPISD login.

Part 3 presents tips for (1) establishing signature block, (2) using Apple and Google maps, (3) using Notes app, (4) installing Educreations - FreeBooks - Grading Game - Puppet Pals HD apps, and (5) printing with NetGear Genie.

iPad Printing with Netgear Genie
Many apps require the printer to have AirPrint capability in order to print from an iPad.  Netgear Genie bypasses that requirement by making any printer installed on a wireless laptop AirPrint compatible.

Skype @ School
Skype is free software for online collaboration and learning using the Internet.  It allows students the ability to learn how a webinar is conducted, plus how to collaborate and share ideas or projects online.

Spreadsheet Basics
Spreadsheets can be used to collect, interpret, and organize data when teaching Math, Science, and Language Arts.  Excel, or any spreadsheet software, can be used to integrate these technology TEKS.

STaR Chart
The Texas STaR Chart is an online self-assessment tool for all teachers in grades pK-12.  Teachers will begin and complete the TEA profile during the webinar when (1) assessing one's knowledge of technology, and (2) to what extent technology is integrated into the classroom curriculum.

TEAMS Gradebook - General setup
Setup grading categories and assignment options in for each course/section taught.  It is suggested that category totals always equal 100.

TEAMS Gradebook - Semester-end Procedures
Closing the TEAMS high school gradebook at semester-end involves five procedures: (1) post to report card area once window is open,  (2) determine grade eligibility for semester text exemption, (3) enter semester test exemption code, (4) calculate semester grade with/without final exam, and (5) finalize the gradebook for each course/section taught at the end.

TEAMS Gradebook - Year-end Procedures
Closing the TEAMS elementary gradebook for grades 2-5 at Nine Weeks 4 involves five procedures: (1) post to report card area once window is open, (2) calculate Annual Average for each course/section taught, (3) enter grades for Comment-Conduct-Effort for each course/section taught, (4) enter Character Development grades in Home Room section only, and (5) finalize each course/section taught at the very end.

Weebly Teacher Webpages
A teacher web page is a wonderful tool for communicating with parents and students.  You will create two or more short paragraphs in your Weebly web page, and then add two elements: (1) Contact Form, and (2) one or more pictures.